Old Articles From Oregon Triode Society's

Positive Feedback Magazine
Article 3. MG1.4's, Line Filters, Mercury LP's, Sony CDP790 Mods
Article 5. ARC M100 Triode Mod, CDP790 Mods, Cables..
Article 6. Golden Dragon KT88, Sims Navcom, Sound Pucks, Line Filters...
Article 7. Citation II Amplifier Mods...
Article 8. Crown Macrotech Amp, GD KT88, Fisher K-1000, ARC M100, Spl Meter
Article 9. Museatex Melior, MdJ Cables, Ceracaps, Book Excerpts, KT90

Article 11. Phono Pre-Amplifier Project
Jadis Defy 7 (Original) Review

Tube Anecdotes-Updated
As these articles were written between 1991 - 1995 they are provided for
general interest only, and do not necessarily reflect the author's current
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