Technical Resources Link Page

Tube Data Sheets and Tube Modeling for Spice.

Frank's Tube Data Pages
A very comprehensive collection of tube data sheets. Probably the best there is on the internet.
You'll find all but the most obscure types here, the database is extremely comprehensive, and regularly maintained.

PaintCC Triode and Pentode Modeling Software
One of the very few tools that can model pentodes. Runs in Java, and you must follow the installation and use instructions
exactly for it to work. Dmitry has indicated that some updates to make it more user friendly will follow soon.

Curve Captor
Another excellent tool that can capture curves for both diodes and triodes. Requires TCL to be installed.
Follow the directions exactly!

Federico Scarpa's Triode Tube Model Pages
Here is a new collection of commonly and not so commonly used tube models for spice (mcap), new additions almost daily.
These are based on the Norman Koren Model.

I recommend and use Linear Technology's SwitcherCad3 AKA LTSpice for all of my tube and solid state spice modeling needs.

It is available here: LTSpice Download Page

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