Hobbyist Related Commercial Websites - Tubes, Parts, And Kits

Welborne Labs
Tubes, parts, kits, innovative designs, pcb software, and other services.

Dynakits currently produces kits for the ST35, ST70, and MKIV. The MKIII should be available shortly.
Also a provider of parts for restoring and refurbishing older Dynaco Amplifiers.
Dynakit is not affiliated with Dynaco or Panor Corporation. Tubes for their amplifiers are purchased
separately from an affiliate.

Western Electric
Manufacturer of the WE300B, 417A, and 274.

New Sensor Corporation
Tubes and many guitar amplifier parts.

PM Components Group/Svetlana
New Worldwide distributors for the Svetlana product line.
Do Not click on the link to the US or Canada. Click on "The Rest of the World" link instead to access data sheets.
These tubes are sold under the "Winged C" label in the US and Canada and are available from a limited number of vendors.

Antique Electronic Supply
A good source of NOS tubes as well as many HI-FI, and antique radio parts, lots of books, some basic kits (none audio).

Projects and Kits of interest to tube audio hobbyists.

This is Ned Carlson's new business. Ned has done more than many to popularize tube audio.
Tubes, upgrade driver boards for the Dyna ST70, MKIII. A few audio centric kit boards in addition.

Triode Electronics
Tubes and information. A good source for schematics and tube data.

Halfin Home Page (Belgium)
Electron Tubes Online, data sheets and pictures for many types.

Arnold Goks°yr's Website (Norway)
b>Large and varied assortment of tubes (valves), transformers, sockets, and books located in Balestrand, Norway, Arnold sells his wares the world over.

KCA Website
KCA - Kropotkin Classic Amplification specializes in NOS tubes popular in guitar and vintage tube hi-fi equipment. Tubes mostly of U.S. manufacture, some quite rare today. Power tubes matched both for static operating point and transconductance - the "right way.."

Mattijs DeVries Website (Holland)
Excellent English language tube D.I.Y website, tubes and parts for sale, many articles and designs, HIGHLY Recommended. Tubes and parts...

Ruby Tubes/Magic Parts
Website of Magic Parts, parent company of Ruby Tubes, and a great source for matched and tested commodity tubes. Also a good source of parts for guitar amplifiers.

Ahrens Audio Tube Page (Germany)
This is the tube page for Ahrens Audio, an excellent and reasonably priced alternative to many of the vendors on eBay for high transconductance pentodes, and DHTs from the German Post Office.

Full Music Tianjian (China)
Makers of many excellent Globe and ST style DHTs including the 45, 50, 2A3, 101D, 102D, 205D, 300B, 211, 845, PX4, and PX25.
They also make a good copy of the WE274A/B rectifier tube.

Vacuum Tubes Inc.
A good source for many rare NOS types.

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