Translation of the Russian Specification Sheet for the 6C33-C-V* (*6C33-C-B)

Technical Data Nominal Min Max Notes & Comments
Filament Voltage/Current 6.3V @ 6.6A 5.7V @ 6.0A 6.9V @ 7.2A Parallel Operation
Filament Voltage/Current 12.6V @ 3.3A 11.4V @ 3.0A 13.8V @ 3.6A Series Operation
Absolute Maximum Plate Voltage N/A N/A 600V From Cold Tube Warm Up
Plate Voltage - Case #1 N/A N/A 450V Plate Dissipation not to exceed 30W
Plate Voltage - Case #2 N/A N/A 250V For Plate Dissipation > 30W
Plate Current N/A N/A 470mA/630mA** See special note below
Transconductance mA/V N/A 30 50 Delta Ip/Delta Vg
Grid Voltage N/A -0.5V -150V Not specified for positive values
Filament Insulation Rating N/A -300V +300V Rugged...
Grid Circuit Resistance N/A N/A 200K Do not exceed
Minimum Warm Up time N/A 2 minutes N/A No less than this time
Plate Dissipation 1 Cathode Only N/A N/A 45W One filament heating
Plate Dissipation Both Cathodes N/A N/A 60W Two filament heating
Service Life 2000 hrs
Shelf Life 12 yrs
Height 130mm
Diameter 65mm

Interelectrode Capacitances Miller Grid-Cathode Plate-Cathode Filament-Cathode Filaments
Units in Picofarads 24 or 38 23 or 37 9.5 or 11.5 60 One or both
Special Notes:
* Russian B is actually equivalent to our Roman V..
**If Vp=120Vdc, with a cathode resistor of 35 ohms, it is allowable to use one heated cathode. Use of 2 or more maximum parameters is not permissable.

This was translated from the Russian Specification Sheet received when I recently purchased some 6C33..
Translated by Roman Litovsky 5/27/98.

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